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You asked for it!

1. Hi there! My name is TK, and I am from Los Alamos, New Mexico (though curtently residing in Portales). Like any normal kid, I have been writing since 2nd grade, but I have been writing stories and such since 4th grade. I usually write... well, I am always working on a few different things. I have a group of short stories for a larger work, a group of poems for a larger work, and 2 novels. My nanowrimo is going to be more like a journal self-help thing so there's that too... This is my second year doing this so I'm kinda scared. I didn't make it last year.

2. My plot this year... well, like I said... it's more of a self-help book based on the seven deadly sins and seven heavenly virtues. Maybe more of a short story format, though, I'm not sure, yet.

3. Hahaha... That is quite an evil question. Well, let's put it this way... If I added my outline thus far to my nanowrimo, I'd be 5% the way done. I tend to go very in depth with outlining. ><

4. I play to accomplish the word limit by doing it by the hour. I am setting asside 2 hours every weekday. On friday, if I have not reached where I should be, I am not going to allow myself to go home or to visit people over the weekend. (I am an attention whore so this is quite the motivation)

5. No, not really... I have set schedules, but the time is at a different place each day.

6. I like writing, because I like when you finish somthing of this magnitude, put it out there for people to see and watch their jaws drop. Very ebil!

Anywho! Hope y'all are ready for it!
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