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New Here - Introducing Myself

New here, in a new Journal. I set this up specifically for Nano, as this is the title of my Epic

1. Who are you? Where are you from? How long have you been writing? What kind of writing do you usually do (short-story, poetry, novel, journalling,etc.) Have you done Nanowrimo before?

I'm Mary Sue, I'm sort of rootless, living where ever I end up. I started writing since February, fan fiction, as it was an easy way to get comfortable putting my thoughts into words. I am now ready to move on to real fiction. This is my first Nano.

2. Do you have a plot for this years Nanowrimo?

I'm doing a semi-autobiography, or as known in the fanfic realm, A Mary Sue. So, yet I have a plot, a conflict, but no ending as of yet.

3. Do you like to make outlines? Have you made one yet?

No, but I have a character sketch of what motivates each character, what their conflict is, etc.

4. How do you plan to accomplish the word limit? Daily goals? Weekly goals?

No goals, just a time period to write in. And I plan to write whatever I happen to be thinking about that day, edit and organize into a story later.

5. Do you write at a certain time of the day?

I'm going to try to block out a period of time, but who knows?

6. Anything else you would like to say about writing.

I'm wondering if people are going to post as they go anywhere?
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